The New Year Donkey

Here’s looking at you, donkey.

Christmas has Santa Claus and Easter the bunny rabbit, but what about New Year? Why isn’t there some magical monster like with the tooth fairy and all the other ones? It seems like the world’s marketing bods have missed out on an easy way to make masses of more cash, but here at Professional Moron we’ve jumped the gun a bit and reeled off a marketing first. It’s the New Year Donkey! Hurrah!

So what is it about the New Year Donkey that will make folk from around the world rejoice further still at the arrival of a new thing to steal their money? Well donkeys are pretty uncomplicated animals and, in these complex thymes, this will be seen as a, sort of, joyful thing. Let’s face it – the standard conception of a donkey is a braying thing what done and goes “EEeeoooorrr!” every now and then. If you’ve read George Orwell’s Animal Farm there’s Ben the donkey and he’s a touch more cunning (the Albert Einstein of the donkey world, clearly). So, rejoice! There is a new global icon to tell your kids/grandkids/pets about. Yo ho ho, Happy New Year and have a super 2013 everyone! Lots’s of love, The Professional Moron staff (including office pet Beans the Chinese Dwarf Hamster). xx

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