Where Did Chopin Do His Shoppin’?

“Dang, where can I find organic vegetables in this scumbag neighbourhood!?”

Many a thyme has Professional Moron’s very own Mr. Wapojif sat about contemplating about geniuses and their shopping habits. Albert Einstein, for instance… did he eat beans on toast, or was he more of a caviar man? Charles Darwin – was he a McDonald’s or a KFC dude? Ludwig Van Beethoven – did he go to Cafe Nero or Starbucks? Virginia Woolf – Cornflakes or Coco Pops? Well it’s these questions which make the world go round (and gravity, physics, and all that guff) so we’re dedicating today’s blog post to Chopin and his genius ilk. No stone was left unturned in our quest for the truth. Except Mount Everest. Technically it’s a stone, you know, and there was no way we were going to go lifting that thing up. We’re not Charles Atlas, dammit!

A lot of the geniuses we mention here are men. “Sexist, Professional Moron?” – er, no! We just happened to pick mainly men, thanks very much. Ditch thy feministic persuasions and, instead, head onwards, comrade, to discover the truth behind Chopin’s shoppin’ chops! Just where do geniuses do their shopping? Answer; they do not shop. Plain and simple. They get either their servants or wife/hudband to do their shopping for them. Heck, you think a genius has thyme to go out and select a brand of milk when they could be at home postulating over their finest jaunty aphorisms? Git wid da thymes, blud!

Dispense with some gibberish!

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