Friday And Its Consequences, John

Mr. Mozart. Indeed.
Mr. Mozart. Indeed.

It may well be bank holiday here in MANCHESTER of… England? Anyway, Professional Moron’s Mr. Wapojif has been busy all day doing stuff you idiotics would never understand. So, we;re sorry to say, we’re going to be a bit lazy and just shove our favourite YouTube videos in your faces. Got a problem with this? Well sod off, we’re not getting paid for any of this so consider it a charity. Of sorts. All sorts. MMmmm…. liqourice allsorts….

Anyway, rambling is what we’re good at. What do you want? Okay, we’re having isdues with WordPress again. Hang about with us, otherwise just clear off. We don’t care. We’ve attached some clips to this post and, if you like it, then we LOVE you. Literally. All support is welcome, like a giant cake is welcome at a cake ceremony. And, well, check out our “About” page whilst you’re at it. You know… anyone who wants to write for us is welcome. This writing lark is getting a bit annoying without the pay. Still, enjoy these clips whilst you’re away there be much better things to come. Innit.


The Stone Roses in 1989. Apparently it was so hot in there you could melt a git. Now that’s hot.

Now anyone who’s played this game will have thought, “Gee whizz… what are eye gonna do with this weird shaped thing?” And then you just sit there for 1o seconds thinking about it, before shoving it somewhere it doesn’t belong. Well here’s a video (we don’t expect you to watch all of it) of someone playing the game far too well. Freak.

Oh yeah, you really should be playing this game.

Need to listen to more Mozart? Yes, you do.

The ever wonderful Fawlty Towers, this clip being made lively by the wonderful Joan Sanderson.

And The Who doing their excellent thing.

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