It’s a Solitary Picture of a Lizard

A picture of a lizard with its mouth hanging open
Is this lizard a football hooligan? Certainly looks like it.

We can’t be particulary bothered writing something of almighty genius this Sunday evening. Instead, we’re going to stick up this picture of an awesome lizard beast.

It’s an Namaqua chameleon in the Namib desert (and dessert of chocolate cake, please), Namibia, which is in South Africa, or something.

If you get up and point wildly in some direction you can proclaim, quite merrily, one of these beasts is probably about 1,000 miles over in yonder direction.

Unless you live in the Namib Desert, of course, in which case there could well be several of the beasts crawling all over you right now!

Lizard Picture

There are all manner of weird lizards out in the desert, of course. Many of which likely remain new species.

All of them with one odd, or striking, survival technique to show off.

Some particular threat displays involve the chameleon turning itself black and opening its mouth until it looked all gaping and gormless.

Pretty scary, but it’s not exactly going to stop a rampaging walrus, for instance, or a furious donkey.

Giraffes, on the other leg, can’t even see where they’re going at the best of times, and would probably flatten the poor little git.

So, very impressive evolutionary trick, Mr. Chameleon, but perhaps think about growing some destructive weaponry from your forehead like a Super Mega Shotgun Ray.

Indeed, that’d be more useful than changing colour. Fool.

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