In Praise Of Unusually Tall Things

A Super Cactus (not a scientific term) being all tall and awesome somewhere on Earth. Probably not in England.

Tall stuff has given human beings a reason to live ever since the Big Bang (and several billions years of subsequent evolutionary development) kicked stuff off. Ever since we’ve had Mount Everest (Olympus Mons on Mars is three times the size of Everest, but it’s not within human reach so we’ll stick with Mt. Eve for now), John Cleese, this cactus on the right, giraffes, those hedges which become a nuisance 30 years after the original gardener planted them – and the new owners now refuse to cut them down, Great Danes,the Eiffel Tower, those massive trees (you know, the extra tall ones), ambitious Lego blocks, when the Tetris screen fills up, and those extra tall ones in Tetris which always save the day (when they do eventually turn up). All of these, we feel, highlight just how ace tall stuff is.

Of course it’s not the end of the world for stuff that’s not tall. Being short, for instance, can prove handy if you need to fit through small gaps (the taller thing would just get stuck and be in considerable peril as a consequence), but for the sake of this blog post we feel we should point out this; since when did Mount Everest ever look not daunting? Never, that’s when. When did your local hill last prove a terrifying ordeal? Okay, so maybe you had to lug some heavy shopping bags up it, but at least you didn’t FREEZE TO DEATH in the attempt, eh? Exactly. Er, we’ve kind of lost our way here. Never mind! It’s Sunday night and we’re dazed and confused (we’ve consumed too much mint tea today, is why).

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