Professional Moron’s Birthday – We Is 2!

Just pretend it says 2, alright?

We’ve been lazy this month and not bothered uploading anything. We’re going to continue this laziness theme with an easy post rambling about our special day. For, you see, it’s Professional Moron’s SECOND birthday TODAY! Mr. Wapojif, our intrepid editor, began this “journey” back in the summer of ’71 (when he wasn’t even alive), but this blog were already in his conscience. By age 4, Mr. Wapojif knew he’d be a blogger. By age 7, he had finished reading the Spot the Dog back catalogue and was ready to tackle serious literature – he consequently hit Where’s Wally? with a vengeance (Waldo to any Americans). Two decades later he’d found Wally and was ready for the blog experience.  Two years on and this is where you find us… sporadically posting about complete and utter surrealist nonsense, with all the content spewing from the deranged brain of Mr. Wapojif.

What have we bestowed upon the world? Horror! You can bet your silly brains there will be more of this on the weigh, so in the meantime do the following: brush your teeth, comb your hair, and eat 17 raw onions. Folic acid, you see, from the latter. It’s good for you.


  1. Happy blogiversary, Mr. Wapojif! Hehe, I guess I would never use the german term for “Blogiversary” if there was one, and I guess it sounds awful for english native speakers too? These kind of words probably always do, no matter which language. But anyway, I really like your surrealist nonsense 🙂


    • Madam, this coming from you means a lot. One has been busy with work, unfortunately, but keep your blog going, innit. With regards to innit: get your blog on Google+! Or join Google+. It’s most welcome to imaginative folk like you. Innit. Blud. Yo. LOL!


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