Withnail and I is a Film Trip Worth Taking

Withnail and I
It’s the wondrous Withnail and I. Hurray!

Although Withnail and I is one of our favourite films we haven’t mentioned it on Professional Moron often. Indeed, twice according to our search history. We’re going to set the record straight, dammit!

As chance had it, the film’s original print was recently remastered and it had a limited release in the UK – the first time since its original run in 1987! Many of you have probably never heard of it, but we can attest to it being one of the best (and funniest) films of all time. Being from Manchester, Professional Moron upped it and saw the cult classic in all its glory at the legendary Cornerhouse Cinema*.

Withnail and I

Putting a simple plot simply, two unemployed actors in 1960s London decide to take a holiday in the Lake District. Utter mayhem ensues, largely due to the flamboyant Withnail and his ridiculous and antagonistic behaviour, before the two return to London to contemplate their respective futures.

Why is all this so good? It’s so quintessentially British, and we don’t mean you have to be British to enjoy it. It plays on the often mundane nature of Englishness and England, whilst considering fading youth, the end of an era, the nature of success, and why fishing in streams with a shotgun is not a good idea. Plus, Richard E. Grant’s in it, and the wonderful (now sadly deceased) Richard Griffiths is on incredible form.

There are no excuses – if you’re any kind of film fan you must get it watched, otherwise we’ll threaten you with a dead fish. Watch the trailer above, find yourself a copy of the DVD, and enjoy one of the finest films of all time.

*Since viewing this at the Cornerhouse, the legendary cinema has now closed! This is most unfortunate, but it lives on in spirit at a small venue called HOME just down the road.

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