Hollow Knight: Bugs, Awesomeness, & Metroidvania Indie Glory!

Hollow Knight
It’s a hollow knight.

“Oh here we go… bloody banging on about indie games again instead of that latest CoD clone. NOOBS!” Sorry, gamer, but we’re here to cover Hollow Knight, which was released on Steam recently and is the first indie masterpiece of 2017.

We don’t use such a word lightly, but we’re in a golden period of indie game magic right now with a multitude of fantastic releases.

Hollow Knight

It’s simply another edition to the indie game world but, our word, this platformer is a slice of perfection. Adelaide-based developer Team Cherry is behind it all and the three man team has worked wonders here to create another classic.

With all this Shovel Knight talk in the gaming community, you might be forgiven for thinking this is another entry in that hallowed series.

You’re wrong – Hollow Knight is the first title from Team Cherry after a successful Kickstarter bid to fund the project. This is the end result – a beautifully hand-drawn world of bugs and madness. Hurray!

If you pay any attention to the wonderful indie game scene, you’ll know the Metroidvania genre is brimming with genius little gems and, happily, we all now have another addition.

You star as Hollow Knight, who arrives to the town of Dirtmouth which is going through all manner of woes. It’s your duty to restore order! With this, you’re off into another glorious Metroidvania experience.

Hollow Knight gamplay

There have been three massive AAA blockbusters released so far in 2017, with the most recent (Mass Effect Andromeda) apparently playing like the second season of True Detective (something of a mediocre disaster, sadly).

Thusly, if you want a slice of imaginative brilliance, we can only suggest you head to Hollow Knight for some fresh gaming kicks.

The game is a blast, simply put. Brilliant platforming at its very finest, once again proving enormous titles like Mass Effect with several hundred people slaving away on the game can get lost in pursuit of graphical brilliance and godawful voice acting to match a convoluted script. We’ll pass, but not on Hollow Knight!

It’s out now on Steam, but there’s also a tantalising Nintendo Switch release on the way.

The chance to play this on your home TV, or as a portable option, is really something which has us dribbling like the cretins we well and truly are.

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