Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition (2016)

This is a post Mr. Wapojif wrote elsewhere on t’internet. It’s on the fantabulous Well Red Mage. Go and have a gander and enjoy!


    • Indeed. I expect you to get this game, madam, and I demand a formal report by the end of the month.

      As for proud/scared, rest assured I am only going to stop once the internet is renamed Wapojif and I am supreme ruler of all. There will be a Free Sandwiches day, so this autocratic shift is in your best interests.

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      • I just bought the definitive edition of Ori from the Steam sale, for cheap. Can my report happen at the end of July? I have a big backlog of things, including BoTW.

        The World Wide Wapojif does have a nice ring to it! They wouldn’t even have to change the www. that’s already in front of everything. Perfect!

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