Axiom Verge & Stardew Valley Hit The Nintendo Switch

Axiom Verge
This one is Axiom Verge. Can you tell?

Most consoles these days have a slow start with game releases – it was the same with the PS4 and Xbox One way back in yesteryear, so the Nintendo Switch has endured a similar run since March of 2017.

The masterpiece that is Breath of the Wild has kept us more than entertained, plus the genius of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has also overwhelmed a lot of our time.

Axiom Verge

Other than this, there really haven’t been many other new titles except for Splatoon 2.

However, the recent Nintendo Direct (a, sort of, online press conference) revealed a whole batch of awesome, including Doom, a stunning looking new Mario adventure, and a raft of brilliant indie games.

Two of them just launched yesterday – yes! Two masterpieces in one day for little more than £20! Thusly, here are two concise reviews to nod you in the right direction, yo.

Axiom Verge is, essentially, the sequel to Super Metroid. The indie game was made by one man only and is a staggering achievement – one of the all-time great indie game experiences, including labyrinth-like mazes, inspired weapons, a belting soundtrack, and a really addictive quality about it.

As with all the best Metroidvania games, Axiom Verge throws in radical ideas structured around a proven gaming mechanic, a minimalistic storyline, and just flat out gameplay brilliance.

For anyone without a Switch, you can pick this up on Steam, PS4, or Xbox One – do so, as it’s a gloriously charged addition to any gaming library and proof of how essential traditional 2D platformers are for the modern games industry.

Stardew Valley

Ahhhhhhh, Stardew Valley. In this relaxing gem of a farming simulator, you get to build and manage a farm.

That’s pretty much it, although there are SNES-era Zelda styled dungeon sections where you can mine for materials to get your farm looking dead good.

It’s a charming, relaxing, and wonderful game which we encourage absolutely everybody to give a whirl.

You can get this on Steam, Xbox One, or PS4, of course, but this is where the absolute brilliance of the Switch kicks in.

You can play the game on your TV as per a normal console, but you can also take up the device as a handheld and play the game wherever you bloody well want. Bliss. Bliss! Psychotically delirious bliss! It’s almost stupid this thing is only £10.


  1. It’s amazing what games are out there. Steam has FAR too many of them (most of them on my wishlist… but I don’t have the time to play them these days). Apparently the original Doom (as in the 1993 shareware version) can be made to run these days on an air conditioning controller touchpad. Not sure why I thought of mentioning that…

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    • The problem is there is too much, but from your perspective I can simply recommend Half-Life 2, Axiom Verge, Teslagrad, and Super Metroid (if you can get your hands on a SNES Mini). INSIDE, as well. That lot will do!

      Doom is available on everything I can think of, which is astonishing as I was so stunned to see it on the SNES in 1995! Half-Life 2 is the one I highly recommend, though. If you have Steam, get it.

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      • I played Half Life (the original) – must get hold of Half Life 2. Haven’t yet played it, but by all accounts it’s a great game (and, to me anyway, Gordon still looks like Elvis Costello circa 1980…)


        • Aptly enough I’ve just finished a massive review of Half-Life 2, if you’re interested to find out more (published today). It’s regularly considered one of the best games ever and I think you’d like the sci-fi themes at work – it improves on Half-Life in so many ways.

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