Well Red Mage Review: The Flame in the Flood (2016)

A bit of a survival video game review today! The Flame in the Flood is a fun old game and you can catch up with the full review over on the fab Well Red Mage, which is fast becoming a new haunt for our esteemed editor, Mr. Wapoijf. Enjoy!

The Well-Red Mage

The Flame in the Flood

“I see my vessel, my companion, my child, swallowed up like a crumb too small for the deep Atlantic to taste. Waves bury her and pass.”
-Steven Callahan, Adrift: 76 Days Lost at Sea

FF3-NES-OnionKnight.png “The following is a guest post by the Moronic Cheese Mage.”

When creating a survival game, it must be tempting to include “survive” in the title somewhere. 2015’s Just Survive couldn’t resist the temptation – gee, I wonder what you do in that one?!

To be fair, though, and ruin my point, most others don’t do this. The survival genre, whilst relatively new (although early ’90s titles such as UnReal World and SOS had a good old stab in the dark – the former is still available, and receiving updates, on Steam), has enjoyed an influx of titles in recent years thanks to technological advancements. 2014’s Alien: Isolation is, arguably, the best of…

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