Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest (1995)

Righto, some more Donkey Kong Country here after the big old Tropical Freeze review. DKC 2 has a very special place in Mr. Wapojif’s heart and he waxed lyrical about the SNES classic over on the Well Red Mage. Indeed.

The Well-Red Mage


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FF3-NES-OnionKnight.png “The following is a contributor post by the Moronic Cheese Mage.”

Okay, this is a highly personal review for me. Donkey Kong Country 2 was a game I became obsessed with as a kid, way back in 1995, and I’ve played it regularly ever since. Why? Well, it’s a classic. The successor to Rare’s 1994 smash hit Donkey Kong Country, there was a great deal of anticipation to see what Rare (rapidly breaking out as one of the world’s leading games developers) would add to the experience.

Although the series’ more famous first outing was a graphical triumph, a landmark title, and a good game, revisiting…

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  1. Donkey Kong Country 2 is my favorite 2D platformer. The original seems to get brought up in retrospectives more often, which is a shame because this one is a major improvement. Indeed, whenever I go back and play the first one, I’m disappointed by how incomplete it feels by comparison. What makes it so good is that they put a lot of effort into making the levels distinct from each other – that was rare in contemporary 2D platformers. It’s almost as if they peered into the future, nicked 3D gaming sensibilities, and translated it into their own game.

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    • Beyond the nostalgia factor for me, it’s just an extremely good platformer. I revisited DKC a few years back and, yeah, was very surprised by how lacking it was. I loved it as a kid, but even Shigsy Miyamoto criticised its gameplay. So enormous credit to Rare – in less than a year, they built on it to a remarkable extent. Then within a year had DKC 3 out as well. Almost as impressive as Capcom churning out those Mega Man games.

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