Donut County: Raccoons, Artery Clogging Food, & Holes Equals Fun

Donut County
Donut do that!

Look at any best indie games of 2018 lists and Donut County is there. This surreal thing is from one man indie dev team Ben Esposito (of good ol’ America). In it, you the player control a hole. Oh yes, there’s also a raccoon. It’s…

Donut County

This odd one is a quirky puzzle game with physics elements. As the player, you’re a hole in the ground. And what you do is meet some locals, go kleptomania crazy and nick their garbage, and keep it all in your hole.

There are some totally out there premises in indie games. Take a look at Little Inferno, for instance. But this one really takes the donut (that joke was written on a Friday evening in a bout of fatigue).

As the hole, when you swallow up something you get a bit bigger (or fatter, if you will).

So whilst you’re a hole, the one controlling the holes is this raccoon called BK, fresh in at work for a startup company using remote-controlled holes to steal trash.

If this all sounds a little weird, it’s because it is. But the oddball premise aside, this is a cute, charming, and funny little adventure that’s full of innovation.

Donut County is a hole simulator. There aren’t many of those in the games industry. And whilst you could argue its concept is gimmicky, it’s enjoyable as a daft little escapade into escapism.

Yet it is rather short. It’s all over fairly quickly and that’ll leave you feeling a bit disappointed. But for the cheap price tag, you can’t really argue.

If you’re interested… well, it’s out right now on pretty much everything (including iOS, you smartphone owners, you).

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