15 Classic Novels Ruined By Adding “Potatoes” Into The Title

An assortment of potatoes
I’m well read, I’ve skimmed through all of this lot.

Books and reading. And potatoes. What, that doesn’t ring a bell for you? Well, the thing with spuds is they really can liven up any occasion. And that’s why we’ve decided to ruin canonical literature with the following reimagined classic titles. Pathetic? No. Potato!

Pride and Potatoes

Potato being peeled

How do you have pride if you don’t have the best potato patch in the land? This fantasy epic is about the mysterious land of Potato where citizens battle to grow the best potatoes. Riveting stuff!

Moby-Dick and Potatoes

The Braked Potato

Epic about a crazed captain’s efforts to defeat a whale (and some spuds). Call me Ishmael? Sure. Just don’t chew with your mouth open when you’re eating some crisps.

50 Shades of Potatoes

Potato being peeled

Erotic thriller about spuds. Some people find them very attractive, apprently. Okay.

Sense and Sensibility and Potatoes

The Braked Potato

It’s sensible to have potatoes around at all times. That’s what this 500 page novel is all about. The sense of spuds.

A Tale of Two Potatoes

Potato being peeled

Charles Dickens wrote this whilst high on potatoes. His book became a milestone of potato literature. Some copies were even made out of spuds!

Romeo and Juliet and Potatoes

The Braked Potato

Shakespear’s romantic tragedy is about star crossed lovers and their love for spuds. Why can’t two young people just love each other (and their potatoes)?! Who knows?

War and Potatoes

Potato being peeled

Epic Russian classic about war and how important potatoes are to everyday life. Gets a bit boring. But worth it for the chapters involving the humble potato.

The Great Potatoes

The Braked Potato

F. Scott Fitzgerald knew just how great potatoes are. And this novel celebrates that in fine style.

One Hundred Years of Potatoes

Potato being peeled

Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s legendary fantasy novel is about a family in Columbia that suffers through 100 years of potatoes. After 101 years they move village to a turnip farm to escape the spuds. Nice one. Why didn’t they do that 100 years earlier?

Alice’s Potatoes in Wonderland

The Braked Potato

This one needs no introduction. There are spuds in it. Hell yeah!

Heart of Potatoes

Potato being peeled

Conrad’s classic tale of a man with a heart of potatoes. How is he even alive? Because he is Marlon Brando!

Mrs. Potatoes

The Braked Potato

Virginia Woolf’s romp about a party, with Mrs. Potatoes doing herself up as a sweet potato in defiance against normal ones. A feminist classic – it put women and potatoes on the map.

On the Potatoes

Potato being peeled

Jack Kerouac’s beat generation romp is all about life on the spuds. The writer penned it in three days on a potato bender – he often snorted it straight through his earlobes for divine inspiration. Nice one, Kerouac!

Brave New Potatoes

The Braked Potato

Aldous Huxley set out to make sure the world knew how brave the potato is. And he suceeded. Sort of.

And finally…

In Cold Potatoes

Potato being peeled

Truman Capote knew just how cold potatoes could be. So he invented the microwave to eat them warm. This is what his classic work of cooking fiction is all about.


  1. A well baked and jacketed mash-up! Chipping away there at literature, really. I’d have done one similar, but knowing me, I’d have made a hash of it. Er – I should really stop now, shouldn’t I… 🙂

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