How Are Hot Dogs Made?

Hot dogs and other fast food
Lovely, lovely, lovely fast food.

Sausages are great, right? It’s that lovely concept of jamming a hot dog into a bap, jamming on the ketchup, and stuffing it into your face. Nature at its finest! But behind the scenes… how in the name of cripes do companies make the things?

Hot Dogs

Mass production of goods through big business is one of the most destructive and detrimental issues the world faces.

Allowed to go unchecked over the last century, particularly in the last 50 years businesses and consumers have thumped endless tonnes of crap out into the environment.

The above factory manufactures 300,000 hot dogs an hour. If they run for a 12 hour shift, that’s over three and a half million of the things.

And why so many? Well, statistics from America’s National Hot Dog and Sausage Council suggest the US goes through 20 billion of the things annually. Lovely.

Of course, we can’t imagine anyone being stupid enough to think hot dogs are good for you in any way. Or can we?

Psychologically, we find a lot of people generally struggle to comprehend the reality of certain foods. If it tastes nice, why not? “I been eating hot dogs for 20 year and there’s nowt wrong with me!” Said 25 stone Bob Bobson (this quote was made up).

There are even hot dog eating competitions. As the commentator helpfully points out, this is what being part of the “free world” can achieve. Hell yeah!

Naturally, if you’re stuffing all that crap into your system with serious gusto you can expect some casual bloating and heart burn at a later date. Yes?

In 2016, hot dog eating legend Joey Chestnut managed to consume 69 of the things in 10 minutes. Oddly enough, he’s not morbidly obese. High metabolism, eh?

We’re not really sure we should hold Joey Chestnut in awe… so we won’t. We’ll instead wonder about how he’s still alive.


  1. Twenty billion hotdogs? That’s over 60 per American citizen, per annum. Hmmn… the eating-to-time doesn’t appeal to me, but I wonder if there’s a record for seeing who can stuff the most hot-dogs into one nostril?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, yeah I’d love to see that. Guess you’d have to sign a legal waiver beforehand.

      Hotdogs are just… probably the worst junk food, really. Arguably. Seems to be America’s national dish. Over in England, for us it’s fish & chips. Hearty.


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