Art Special: The Professional Moron Scarecrow

Thanks muchly to Resa over at Art Gowns for this most glorious ode to scarecrows. The image of the year is on: Princess Blue Holly vs Etamilc Egnahc.

We’re celebrating it here today. As well as postulating over its artistic meaning, as well as musing over the nature of the scarecrow industry (and crows).

The Professional Moron Scarecrow

Professional Moron as a scarecrow
Scary, eh?

Righto, so it’s fair to say we like the image lot. And here’s some of the stuff that caught our attention:

  • The highly accurate replication of the PM Gravatar. That’s uncanny!
  • How the crows aren’t scared, they’re just hanging out with Mr. Wapojif.
  • The snazzy attire on the scarecrow.
  • The excellent hat (possible alternative is a Reni hat).
  • The flowers at the bottom of the mound.

What we don’t like about the image? Not enough communist propaganda. Otherwise, it’s a solid 9.9/10 from us.

Notes on Scarecrows

Indeed. Now, obviously this is a homage to our Gravatar image. That cost us $1 from the Canva bit of SaaS software. Here it is:

A professionanl moron - a yellow blob with a vacant expression

This is what this image means to us when we behold it:

  • Vacant stupidity.
  • Possible jaundice.
  • Nice teeth!
  • Bald (check out our guide to going bald for further insights).
  • Moronic.

Do we think it’d make for an effective scarecrow? Of course! And the above scarecrow image… sort of proves it.

The crows are sitting on the Professional Moron scarecrow. They’re not fleeing in terror.

They’re either indifferent to the jaundiced thing, or they’re now good mates with it and are hanging out.

This makes us think about our possible role in the scarecrow business going forward. Such as:

  • Charging farmers to use our likeness to hang out with crows.
  • Bribing farmers to use our likeness to hang out with crows.
  • Blackmailing farmers to use our likeness to hang out with crows.

So, to summarise, although Professional Moron was never intended as a scarecrow (indeed, it’s a website), we see no problem in using it to make friends with crows.

Because peace and vegetables, eh? Peace and veg.


  1. My dear ‘Oron, (pet name for Mr. Wapojif)

    I never really understood your true art critic genius, until now.
    You’re obviously a cut above all other Morons.
    I’m seeing the Scarecrow now, in a whole new light. I think it would make a wonderful doll for young children. You should possibly consider getting Satan… erm Santa … to stop producing Barbie Dolls, and kick into high gear making PM Scarecrow dolls.
    Yours truly,
    Resa – artist fantastique!


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