The Kākāpō: New Zealand’s Bird of the Year 2020 (is also podgy)

Kākāpō parrot
Kākāpō Photograph: Mark Carwardine/Getty Images.

A parrot just won New Zealand’s Bird of the Year competition. Previously, we reported on the kererū pigeon drunkenly blitzing the opposition in 2018.

About the Kākāpō Birdo

Also called the “owl parrot”, the kākāpō is ALSO the fattest parrot in the world. Apparently, the species was critically endangered. Not nice.

Now it’s won the award twice (the last time in 2008)! The problems for the bird? It can’t fly. So it spends its day hiding from everything.

It uses its wings for support and balance (kind of like how English football hooligans use a pork pie and pint of lager).

Meanwhile, we were busy wondering why our kererū pigeon post from two years back was raking in the traffic of late. We kind of know why now. Voting time!

It seems pretty docile and friendly, like a dodo. Here it is in action.

Others have, rather unfairly, called the kākāpō as the “strangest parrot in the world”.

Now, it just looks like your standard birdo to us. Cool and friendly. Excellent plumage. Kind of similar to an Adelie penguin in its lack of flight.

But we must say the frogmouth bird of Australia has a more distinct look to proceedings.

So the kākāpō won Te Manu Rongonui o Te Tau, there’s hope they become a bit more abundant.

Although there allegations of election rigging, as hundreds of votes came from one IP address for a different bird.

And a different bird also gained far more votes than the kākāpō. But the voting dury decided the flightless parrot was the deserving winner.

Worryingly, during the 1990s there were only 50 or so of the things around! An appalling number. Now that’s rough around the 213 mark, but still mightily alarming.

Hopefully it can continue to prosper. The birds can live to 60 years of age (!!). In 2009, Stephen Fry suggested the parrot’s face was like a Victorian gentlemans.

Well, quite. All we can add here is well done to the kākāpō. Unlike the kererū pigeon it’s stone cold sober.

And we believe that clean-living approach is what’s made the birds the President of the United States!! Oh, hang on… wrong election. Still, well done anyway!


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