OneShot: Darkness, a Cat Thing, and Story-Driven Puzzles

OneShot the indie game
It’s a one-off!

From US indie team Future Cat in 2014, OneShot is a unique top down puzzle and adventure game where exploration and puzzle solving are key.

It’s also got a nifty little story, plus fun dialogue, transmundane nods, and fourth-wall breaking prods. It’s a ruddy delight!

OneShot to Save a Robotic World!

You can pick OneShot up on Steam and at a cheap price and it’s totally worth your time and efforts.

It plays a bit like Undertale (2015), a genre of indie games focussing on minimalistic, story-driven experiences.

And at the start, the game actually instructs you to play it in a small box that opens up. Rather than fullscreen. Can’t think of any other games that do that!

Anyway, in the game the player takes control of the cat-like Niko. It’s then your task to transform the mysterious dark world you’re in into something

What follows is a mysterious thing, very well played out as a narrative. But nothing we want to spoil here in our copy.

We’ll just say it’s crafted very well! Clearly on a low budget, but with a lot of passion. OneShot is about having one shot to save the world. Do it. Or… die?

To back up its visual charms, there’s a nice soundtrack to go with all of this. Have a listen.

The game’s developers cited Hyper Light Drifter and Link’s Awakening as major influences for OneShot. And it’s obvious to see.

We think one of the main charms here, frankly, is with the dialogue.

It’s a charming narrative and all the chatter between characters is very entertaining.

Although we did have issues with the often cryptic nature of the structure, often resorting to YouTube walkthroughs to help us along.

But that’s not necessarily a fault of the game. Of course. But we’re bloody busy. We don’t have time to waste hours trying to sort out a problem we can just check out in minutes.

OneShot is also a short experience, but as with so many indie games that works so wonderfully in its favour.

It’s quite unique and charming, well worth your time, and as it’s so cheap you’d be a crazy goddamn fool to give it a miss.


    • I did enjoy all the fourth-wall stuff, that was cool. Pony Island had a similar take on that as well. But OneShot I think is a game that demands a second playthrough, which I plan to do… soon!!!

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