Guest Posts: Contribute & Write For Us! NOW!

Guest Post
It’s our ultra-professional guest posting slogan!

Okay, after six years we’ve decided to open up guest posting contributions for the good people of the internet.

Our esteemed editor, Mr. Wapojif, mans all the writing 365 days a year and would now be happy to have most excellent, funny, witty, and interesting contributions from talented writers out there.

A good sense of humour is essential as we love surreal humour and irreverence. Culture is also fine to cover, so if you want to review a book, video game, film, or album then sorted.

We expect a stamp of individuality over your content and a weird angle is more than welcomed. Fact checking isn’t encouraged – so long as it’s fun, you’re fine by us.

Rules & Regulations

Yes, you can get a link back to your site. Yes, it’ll be dofollow. Yes, it’s free. 

Just a notice to anyone on a link building campaign, however, we’ll be able to tell in an instant if an article is spun, exists simply for one keyword, or to promote a product.

Your average business isn’t going to be exactly relevant for us, unless you’re of a certain field. See the next paragraph!

Sponsored posts for indie games, startup apps, or Kickstarter campaigns will be welcomed as we like to support the underdogs.

In other words, genuine creative talent, not the soulless, bleak beating hearts of multi-million pound companies funding someone to mindlessly build links for them.

Why write for us?

Okay, we’re not the BBC or New York Times. No. But we’ve got a domain authority of about 30 now and a steady and devoted readership. So long as your content isn’t plagiarised (we’ll know if it is), it’ll be staying put for good. Bien!


Ready to make a pitch? A bit scared? Terrified, even? You should be! But, still feel free to drop us a message in the form below.