Escape Doodland: Quirky Endless Runner With Chronic Flatulence

Escape Doodland

Escape Doodland was on offer for 89p ($1) so we went and got the bloody thing. Great looking art style? Yes! Fun trailer? Yeah! We were sold. It’s a quirky endless runner from flukyMachine that hit Steam and the Nintendo Switch in late 2018, so let’s have a gander.

Escape Doodland

Take a look at that artistic style! Grabs your attention, doesn’t it? flukyMachine’s romp isn’t the only indie title to use this look, but it sure is distinctive and beautiful enough to grab your attention.

But what about the game? Well, it’s an endless runner – this means your character runs endlessly to the right. You don’t have to make them run, your interaction is with timing jumps and other commands to reach the end of a level.

Runner2 is arguably the finest example of this, with Alto’s Odyssey another fine example. With the former is quirky and riveting, the latter is beautiful and calming.

Escape Doodland is something else entirely. The basic plot is a monster invades Doodland and you, as a little protagonist, must try to escape by running away.

Crude humour is an immediate and daft part to the title. You get matches to do “fart jumps” that launch the little character across gaps and whatnot.

And it’s difficult! As so many indie games are. You’ll need time to perfect your jumping and the combo of special skills available to you. That includes collecting beans during stages to purchase power-ups at the local shops.

It’s a short little title. And whilst it’s far from a classic, it’s an engaging and light-hearted little romp that will provide players with a fun escapist distraction from the rigours of life.

But if you want something with more of a classic, genius heft then we can steer you towards Runner2.


  1. Escape Doodland is a game that will last a long time.

    It’s just fun and hilarious.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an absolute smash hit to fans of endless runner games.

    That lovely art style and fun gameplay – Nice work flukyMachine!

    Thanks for sharing this indie gold.

    Liked by 1 person

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