Our Commitment to Silliness

Professional Moron

Okay, so what is up with this Professional Moron nonsense? Well, fool, absurdity, surreal humour, and silliness are what we’re about. We offer a post a day on arbitrary oddness, culture, and other things. It’s all supposed to be taken cheerfully and no sandwiches were harmed in the making of this blog.

Why do we even bother? We hope to enlighten our readers and provide, above all else, a slice (like that from a very nice cake) of fun and enjoyment in life. We find this to be a bold and honourable endeavour.

We’re not total cretins, though. You can read our other blog for detailed analysis on canonical literature: Moonshake Books. Alternatively, why not learn more about the absurdist loving sort behind all of this?! Pay a visit to Mr. Wapojif’s website Clicked Copywriting to get some insights on his career and all that.

The Staff of Professional Moron

Editor: Mr. Wapojif

An artist’s impression of our esteemed editor.

Office Pet: Steve the Hamster

Steve the Hamster

A Word About Our Images

The pictures on Professional Moron are in the public domain and remain free from copyright. To achieve this, we use Wikimedia Commons and Pixabay as they’re terrific resources and crammed with ace pictures from talented folk. We’re not totally lazy, though, as we also use Instagram and Canva for quality bespoke images with our trademark Stamp of Stupidity.


Should you wish to contact us please do use the thing below to send us abuse or pleasant asides. You could do that, or you could e-mail us via: wapojif@gmail.com.


    • Thank you, Mz. G.E. we are honourerered to the total max by this. May a thousand batches of sashimi be delivered to your doorstep by some sushi expert dude from the afar wilderness of Tokyo. There’s actually a sushi film out called Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Not seen it yet but it’s supposed to be very good!


    • Awesome, thanking yee muchly. We do spout some dangerously insane theories at times, so approach from a distance (and perhaps wear a hat for added protection). Other than this, all should be well! Innit. Yo yo!


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