Master of Pottery: Chill Out and Make Some Pots

Master of Pottery
Hell yeah!

Some indie games are relaxing, if you think Stardew Valley (2017) and Unpacking (2021). Oh, and there’s Master of Pottery by AZ Games.

This thing is in early access on Steam. And it’s a lot of relaxing fun in its current form, which prompted us to do a review of its pottery making excellence.

And as it doesn’t have an official trailer or anything, we recorded some of our pottery making efforts for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Master Pottery (in this indie game)

Look at those pots. LOOK AT THEM! We were most pleased with our four vases there:

  • Jeffrey
  • Bruno
  • Toad
  • Bastard

And we have to say we think Bastard is the best of the lot. Don’t you agree?

Anyway, we then realised pots and vases are different things. Distinct due to the latter having a defined foot or neck.

Cool beans! What of this game? Master of Pottery launched as a Steam early access title on November 11th 2019. If you’re not a gamer, that means the title isn’t finished yet.

But! It’s in a good enough condition for players to give it a whirl, so long as they don’t mind the odd bug here or there (and various typos).

We covered the brilliance of pottery in The Beauty of Everyday Things by Yanagi Sōetsu. And this game is that in video game form—sheer bloody poetry in action!

To help you understand how it works, here’s a video of us creating Jeffrey the vase (and this includes a crude voiceover from Mr. Wapojif)!

How the game works if you run a pottery shop. You make pots and vases and then put on exhibitions. This is the career mode.

The exhibitions bring in punters and you sell stuff. To earn more money, you can advertise your shop, increase ticket prices, hire an apprentice etc.

You can also unlock new features, so the further you get into the experience the more you can add to your creations.

It’s all very relaxing and Master of Pottery is a game we’ll dip in and out of over the… rest of time, we guess.

Remember, the game isn’t quite finished yet and AZGames keeps releasing minor updates here and there.

We didn’t find any game breaking bugs, just some dodgy typos (see broken English in gaming for why that happens). But then we’re an English speaking site and still make typos all the time. It’s on purpose, you hear!?

Anyway, it’s pretty difficult to find anything out about this indie studio.

We believe it’s a one man team type of deal. But whoever is behind the project is keeping a low profile.

But you can support the title by buying it and playing the thing.

Master of Pottery cost us £4 and has been good fun so far. Give it a whirl if you fancy recreating that scene from Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

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