Pode: Super Cute Puzzler With Hand-Holding


This is a cute one from Henchman & Goon, an indie team in Bergan of Norway. It came out in 2018 and is aboout a little fallen star trying to find its way home. Prepare to swoon.


Available on the Nintendo Switch and PS4, as the player you star as a little rock helping a fallen star on its way home.

Across various beautifully designed levels (that are designed around Norwegian culture), you guide the two individuals across various caverns and whatnot.

Exploration and cooperation are the name of the game here, with the focus very much on the co-op feature of helping each other out (as in other Scandinavian indie hit Unravel Two).

The game is quite challenging, but there’s really more of an emphasis on watching the experience lovingly unfold.

It’s quite infuriatingly cute at times. Yet beautiful and captivating to watch – every level is organic and bursts into life with colours and musical cues.

The two characters have separate abilities, so it’s a case of using those in tandem to progress. Clearly, a lot of love and effort went into this one.

It’s quite pricey, we must add, but we picked it up as part of Nintendo’s summer sale. So now is the time to swoop in if this looks like your time of thing.

It’s relaxing, fun, as swoon worthy as any other cute game we can think of, and packs with it a fabulous soundtrack.

As with Unravel Two, the music is inspired by traditional Scandanavian melodies.

The result is Pode has an orchestral might behind it, turning your adventure into a swirling journey of relaxation and the joys of friendship.

As, yes, the two little characters often hold hands on their quest. And that’s so disgustingly cute we’re going to have to go and lie down for a bit.

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