Runbow: Action-Packed Platform Racing Multiplayer


From 13AM Games in Ontario of Canada, we have a party platformer with a big emphasis on partying. Rock and roll!


This SOB actually first launched on Nintendo’s Wii U in 2015.

It’s since been ported over to Steam, the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. And good, as it’s manic and colourful fun.

But it’s primarily about the co-op experience. You’ll really get the most out of Runbow in online multiplayer mode, or with some of your friends. It’s frantic!

But as a single-player campaign it’s also great fun, involving pretty intense levels.

What’s happening here is the platforming world changes with each colourful “swipe”.

It’s a colour driven game, with each background slightly altering what’s available on the screen.

And that means some platforms, enemies, and other objects will intermittently appear and disappear. Which makes everything pretty manic.

Runbow is basically the Super Mario Kart of the platforming world.

When it’s a race against other plays in online mode, that makes it all rather dramatic. And funny. And silly. And… well, have a look.

There are a bunch of modes available for you to engage in, the main draw remaining with the nine player online madness. That’s damn good fun.

But there’s also an adventure option with 140 challenges. DLC in the form of the Bowhemoth hardest difficult setting, and the likes of Arena mode where you have to be the last one alive.

There’s a lot going on in this small package and its interesting concept.

But the central premise is just action-packed fun. Complement that is its colourful sense of fun. But it also has trad jazz soundtrack.

Runbow knows what it is and delivers rather well on its ideas.

It’s absolutely at its best as a two player (or more) experience, so make sure to take advantage of the online mode.

Otherwise the single-player campaign is a bit repetitive. The addition of eight other players just transforms the whole experience.

So, one for a party night. Or any night if you want some colour in your life. John Rambo or otherwise.

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