In Praise of The British Library’s Public Domain Photo Collection!

The Skipper of the Seagull
One of our favourite images for quite some time!

Last month (we think it was last month) the British Library released 1 million scanned images into the public domain. You can access them from the British Library Flickr account and have a good old trip down memory lane. Some of the images are positively mental and from a bygone era, but if you remember what a shilling is then these may prove of some nostalgic purpose.

Naturally the image above, of The Skipper of The Seagull, was our outright favourite. It’s so impossibly absurd we couldn’t help but particularly love it. Sadly we can’t figure out which year it’s from, so we’re going to presume it was released circa 1066. For obvious reasons.

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For Shovelry! Why We Love The Rather Almighty Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight
For shovelry!

We covered Shovel Knight almost a year ago rather briefly. Indeed, we’ve been wanting to do it proper justice ever since, and now’s the thyme! Why? As there’s a Nintendo amiibo on the way, plus a DLC package to make the game longer. Groovy.

Shovel Knight was made by Yacht Club Games in Valencia (Spain?), California (oh, that’s in America). Inspired by the NES era, it takes all the best elements from classic platformers and oomphs it up with relentless inventiveness and modern gaming sensibilities. The result’s pretty astonishing, and it’s been critically acclaimed and become a big cult hit. Double groovy!

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Book Of Da Week: Game Over

Game Over
Game over, man. Game over!

Game Over: Nintendo’s Battle To Dominate Video Games is our book of choice for the week ahead, frankly as it’s considered the best book ever written about video games. It’s one of those cultural shifting things where you don’t even need to be interested in the medium to find the story riveting. Useful if you hate video games, eh?

American journalist David Sheff penned this investigative non-fiction tome for publication in 1993. Back then Nintendo and SEGA were doing battle on a business front with the SNES and Mega Drive, but this tale largely focuses on Nintendo’s remarkable business ascendency.

Thusly we come across a company, back in ’92, which was already making more profit than any American film studio. How did Nintendo rise from a humble manufacturer of playing cards in its native Nippon, to an iconic behemoth beloved by millions? This is what Sheff most compellingly reveals, yo.

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Oodles of Noodles #10: Pho Ga Rice Noodles & The Oodles of Noodles Conclusion!

Pho Ga Rice Noodles
Mama brand, again, but with a hint of Pho Ga!

Yes, this gargantuan SOB concludes our insane week of instant noodle consumption. We should point out the tub’s not quite as vast as it may appear in the picture. It is, nonetheless, completely superfluous given the tub’s meagre contents.

“They” say end on a high, but we prefer to end on a low at Professional Moron. Thusly we stumped out for this thing only to find it’s as plain as a piece of chicken which has been overcooked by 30 minutes and smeared with low quality margarine in some feeble attempt to rectify the blandness. In other words – this thing is plain.

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Oodles of Noodles #7, #8, & #9: The Instant Noodle King (Seafood Flavour) and Vit’s Noodles (x2)

Instant Noodle King
Bow down before your masters, it’s the Instant Noodle King!

Right, hold onto your butts as there’s a great big batch of noodles coming your way! Hold onto something (such as a instant noodle pot), breathe deeply, and here we go.

Starting things right off we have the Instant Noodle King: Pepper Seafood Soup Flavoured. Now they kind of got the name a bit messed up there, but never mind, eh? This one’s a tasty dude, although you don’t get the king prawns with it. Which is, you know, false advertising.

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Oodles of Noodles #6: Jeremy Pang’s Pad Thai Noodle Kit

Jeremy Pang Pad Thai
Jezza knows his noodles.

As our Oodles of Noodles extravaganza draws to a close, we’re left to look back poignantly and reminisce about those noodles which have fallen for noodlekind. As the great haiku writer Masaoka Shiki once opined:

Green in the field
was pounded into
rice cake.

Jeremy Pang’s noodle kit is also green, so he must really dig those Shiki heavy haikus. Shiki believed wordplay was the wit of literature, you know, something which Professional Moron doesn’t agree with on any level at all. Anyway, as indicated by his surname, Jeremy pangs for noodles all the time. This must be why Jeremy Pang’s 15 Minute Pad Thai Noodle Kit was invented. Indeed.

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Oodles of Noodles #5: Nissin Cup Noodles (Seafood Flavour)

Nissin Cup Noodles
Nissan? No, it’s a cup of noodles!

Ahhh, Nissin Cup Noodles. This is clever brand naming as it sounds a bit like this “You missin’ cup noodles?!” and, right now, yes we are! In fact, we’ve eaten so many instant noodles this last week we’re even dreaming about them. Just last night our esteemed editor, Mr. Wapojif, sleep walked to the kitchen, boiled a kettle, and began sleep reviewing about instant noodles. Idiot.

Of course this particularly instant noodle pot was of particular interest to Professional Moron as it’s seafood flavour. Boy, do we love seafood! The very thought of noodles and seafood had us frothing at the mouth like lunatics… which was admittedly not very pretty. Still it shows our complete and utter lack of rationality when it comes to seafood. And noodles.

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