Why is it called Boxing Day, Mummy?

We can imagine many snotty nosed little brats are asking their parents this very question across the areas of the globe what go and celebrate Boxing Day. If you, as an irresponsible parent, don’t know (or just don’t care) it’s best to just lie about this one. Hell, you’ve already told a whopper about Santa Claus – why not add another porky to the list?

Now we were going to go off on a rant about how Boxing Day was actually about boxing, cauliflower ears, lost brain cells, and other such boxing related issues. However, we promptly discovered this picture of this incredible looking monument to brown stuff. Chocolate, probably, but we did a few articles on other brown related things recently – mud and gravy. This made an interesting, Christmas related link we decided to run with this Tuesday evening. And why? As, you know, weird Christmas related chocolates and other such guff is really what Christmas is about. So the next time someone asks you what Boxing Day is actually about, perch perilously on the edge of a table and announce, “It is about bizarre food confectionery such as THIS!” and you will reveal this bizarre… thing. Always have a few handy in case you are asked at a strange moment, such as in August. Or whilst showering. Indeed.

Dispense with some gibberish!

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