Sensational Soup: The World’s Worst Bouillabaisse!

We’ve been doing a lot of “look at all this gross food” posting of late and, well, why not? It’s funny and interesting. “Why the former?” As gross looking food is pretty amusing, okay? “Why the latter… the interesting bit?” Well, you know, someone out there deemed their meal worthy of a photograph, despite it looking like a putrid splat of grossness. So we’re here to digust you all again with more of our rambling nonsense. Deal with it.

Okay, so “bouillabaisse” means “fish stew” in Welsh, or whatever the language is, but this, nonetheless, did not deter us from using such a vast and impassioned word. Indeed, there are many terms for soup; bisque, consommé, broth, stew, soup, aspic, arsenic, and Cottage Cheese. But we’re not really here to get into any of all that nonsense, we just want to stare at the stupid pictures of idiots being vacuous and then, what ho, the ultimate irony is Mr. Wapojif is actually having soup for dinner! With fajita dippers so, like, don’t throw a wobbler. The real difference here is his soup will be well made and splendiferous to the taste buds. What ho, Jeeves, onwards!

"Mannish Water", apparently. We guess this means a man washed in it as the soup was cooking.
“Mannish Water”, apparently. We guess this means a man washed in it as the soup was cooking.
Ah, Soup Man. Note there’s no “Soup Woman”! Racist pig dogs!
Meatballs and noodle soup. It depends if you swing this way, really, but we’ve never liked meatballs.
Taco Soup – this actually looks pretty groovy, in an indulgent way.
Pea Soup in a tube. Looks like haggis, is actually soup.
We’ve no idea what went wrong here.
Fish Ball Soup, now! Looks a bit bland, really. A few fish heads and brains in there would be better.
This clearly didn’t go very well.
Well this kind of works, but I think you’d get bored pretty quickly.
This is one of the more bizarre concotions on here.
This is sugar, bread, and red wine. Lovely.
We couldn’t find out what this thing is.
Now this is bread, garlic, and olive oil to make a sort of weirdo soup.
The description were found for this goes as follows, verbatim, “Meat Soup we’ve made yesterday. We frozed it up so we could scoop the oily fa. Before reheating it so we can eat it finally.”
Someone got a bit confused when naming this.
Yeah, so this one’s not too bad.
And neither’s this one. It looks great! (okay, so we struggled to find lots of copyright free gross soup pictures, okay?)
There does come a point where you have to stop filling you bowl, innit, lolz.
We don’t even want to guess what this is made of.
A congealed looking soup thing. And a dead prawn.
Hurrah, it’s Oxtail Soup!

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