In Pictures: The World’s Most Unfortunate Sauces

We actually had a rough time of it finding pictures of dodgy sauces, and many of the following nightmares are more down to the weird looking food than the sauce itself.

However, having written that, the haphazard weigh in witch the sauce is just slopped onto many of the plates makes some of the eventual dishes look pretty grotesque.

Indeed, thusly does this highlight the importance of aesthetics in food, and how skilled chefs can make sauces look wonderbar on food.

This lot failed miserably with aesthetic niceness. A lot of the efforts are, for starters, pretty confusing as we’re not really sure what a lot of the foods are supposed to be.

Anyway, we should qualify the concept of “sauces”—we’ve used the picture of the gravy granules tub as gravy is, probably, the most famous sauce in England.

This is an international blog open to most folk (we’re primarily against The Sun and Daily Mail readers), but as we’re English we’d like to use the gravy box as our symbol of sauces.

And why? As sauces are tremendous! Without a good splodge of sauce many of our meals would have been dry and drier.

So, all hail sauce, but let’s not hail this sloppy sloppiness. What’s the solution? Mandatory global Lessons in Sauce Distribution, it would seem. Onwards, comrade!

Photos of Unfortunate Sauces

Let's get things moving with the Black Death!
Let’s get things moving with the Black Death!
With a lot of these we have no real idea what the chef was thinking. We presume that’s salmon, but with mashed potato?
Clearly someone was cooking for THIRTY! What the fook?
“Biscuits and gravy” read the caption. Quite.
The poor sauce here has been left out on its own in the corner. And what’s with the potatoes? Is it really necessary to have that many?
We could be here all day trying to guess what this lot is.
Okay, this is the first of numerous “bread with sauce things” which is evidently a speciality somewhere. Despite it looking massively unappealing.
See? I mean… it just looks a bit wrong.
More bread with sauce stuffs. Glovely!
Clearly someone had a lot of spaghetti and not much else.
More bread and sauce. A boiled eggs heads into the fray with this one.
We find this wrong on many levels.
“Anyone for more bread and sauce?!? No?”
We’re seriously hoping the yellow stuff isn’t mustard.
We have no idea what this is.
This plate seems have been consumed alive by the killer sauce!
We’re getting to hazard a guess with this one; kipper, creme fraiche, jam, butternut scotch soup, and bread.
Something dreaful clearly happened to this Toad in the Hole.
If we remember correctly this is the last Bread and Sauce.

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