The Shelfie! All About the Book Stacking Craze

2013 saw the rise of the odious Selfie.

It has dragged out the narcissist in millions of people on social media formats such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. It’s become so ridiculous we’ve even had some morons doing Selfies at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Auschwitz, and at funerals for dead relatives.

If you’re unfamiliar with what a Selfie is (lucky you), it involves taking a picture of oneself with your mobile phone. The phone is reversed and a snap is taken as the individual stares lovingly at themselves.

Sometimes a mirror is used, and an individual (usually young women with little clothing on pouting, or men with their shirts off looking very stern) poses for the reflected shot. Needles to say this is quite staggeringly narcissistic.

People need to remember it’s actually a pleasant personality trait to have a sense of humility, rather than ogling oneself in an endless series of pictures. Sadly, this is what social media has done to the internet.

SO! To combat this we’ve invented Shelfies. Shelves are incredibly useful things and really don’t get enough attention. In fact, we believe shelves should be honoured with a Year of the Shelf in 2014, with every rampant social media user posting pictures of shelves up as Shelfies.

These would helpfully replace the idiotically self-absorbed Selfies which currently plague the internet like a heinous disease made out of duck lip pouting women and ab flexing dudes. The cure is Shelfies.

So, dear readers, hasten about your house and snap photos of your shelves, then upload them as Shelfies. Let the revolution commence!

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