The Wind Rises: Studio Ghibli at its Finest

Studio Ghibli's The Wind Rises.
Studio Ghibli’s The Wind Rises.

A compact film review today of Hayao Miyazaki’s last film for Studio Ghibli. You already know what it’s called. Now, some of you may think animated films are for kids. There’s a word for you people – stupid.

The same goes for anyone who thinks Nintendo’s wonderful games are only for children. Where’s your sense of fun and escapism? Imbeciles! Anyway, Miyazaki has had a lifelong fascination with flying, so it’s fitting his final epic should be about aircraft machine things.

The Wind Rises

It all centres around Jiro (which immediately made us think of the excellent documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi), and his love for flying. With war on the horizon, though, it all gets tumultuous in Studio Ghibli’s trademark, subtle, inspired kind of way.

It’s so good Werner Herzog even turns up to provide a brief cameo voiceover. Bravo, Mr. Herzog! Asides from this, what is there to like about The Wind Rises? It’s certainly marvellous – no doubts. Beautiful animation, a poignant script, a general sense of foreboding.

This is no kids film either – the adult themes are rife and young ones are more suited to Transformers, we guess. The Wind Rises is certainly no bad thing – it’s a great thing. It even has a running theme of classical music throughout.

Pretty darned special, and one of their finest efforts. Can Studio Ghibli excel without the masterful Miyazaki? We’ll see. As for the great man himself, we wish him an excellent retirement. Innit.

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