Super Mario Maker Looks Bloody Super Indeed!

The internet went ballistic over the weekend when Super Mario Maker (an impending Wii U title based on classic Mario platforming games) were (and was) revealed. Again.

It were revealed last year at E3 but everything’s been pretty quiet since, until at the weekend when it got a new title (with the obligatory Super jammed in there) and a showcase of its brilliance – as you can see in the video above! Head to the 2 minute mark to see the genius of the impending game.

What the game does is take a wodge of industry defining classics in the form of Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros. 3 (which we fondly remembered back in May), Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. and jam them together into one game.

Super Mario Maker
It’s pretty bloody super.

Wii U owners are then able to MAKE levels out of an array of Mario stuffs (shells, jumps, enemies, etc.) using the Wii U’s ever entertaining GamePad.

These can promptly be shared across the world for all to enjoy, curse at, and fall onto the floor sobbing helplessly over. Groovy. One such level is designed in the video above at the weekend’s Nintendo World Championship event for nerds such as us. The video below shows how it will work.

Idiotically overexcited? Yes, we are. Egads… there aren’t enough words to explain the awesomeness. Simply behold and rejoice!

Note: You can read the Super Mario Maker review right back there on the link!

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