Doom: Are YOU Doomed Enough to Take on Doom?!

Doom on the Super Nintendo
Doom? Doom!

A brief post about Doom today as, if you’re doomed, Doom is the game for you. For many people, this is the title which will stick out in their brains as a game synonymous with gaming.

Along with Tetris and Super Mario Bros., Doom is the title that brought about a revolution in games.


Unnecessarily violent, scary, and downright fantastic fun, the first person shoot-em-up launched on the PC and made its way to consoles such as the SNES.

We played it on the latter. We loved it. Then we downloaded it on Steam again recently. We loved it all over again.

It’s also made it across to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and various other consoles.

There was a completely new FPS game released of Doom recently which is, apparently, great. But it’s two-a-penny these days.

The one thing the games industry doesn’t need more of is violent first-person shoot-em-ups, which plague the industry like hippies plagued Woodstock in ’69.

Doom, however, was one of the first. It also remains one of the best. It’s an ingenious mixture of aliens against humans, with a simple approach which pays dividends.

You’re given a gun, you go out and take on the aliens, and that’s about it.

The way id Software developed the game in 1993 was wholly unusual and stands out to this day. It’s a bloody marvel of bloody brilliance.

You’re dumped on a planet, you’re given some guns, and you annihilate your way through the evil of the world until there is no evil.

For many people, the violence and demonic nature of it all was even quite overwhelming.

Intensely controversial on release, it all seems rather tame now compared to games such as Grand Theft Auto, but the game has genuine charisma. It’s also still an absolute blast (snigger) to play.


For those of you unfamiliar with the Angry Video Game Nerd, James Rolfe is a gifted reviewer whose endeavours on YouTube turned him into an international star.

His character is a bitter loser (and loner) who grew up playing NES games in the ’80s and has been left with a psychotic nervous affliction due to them.

You can learn more about the Doom series from the above clip. Why? As Doom is brilliant – simply saying the name is just as much fun: Doom. Doesn’t that make you want to play?

Indeed. You can download it on steam today, watch the AVGN celebrate one of its sequels above, and generally revel in its silliness.

As it is silly, but not as outright moronic as the Call of Duty games. Which just makes it all the more marvellous.


  1. The early releases were notorious for their ability to crash networks during multiplayer sessions, which back in the day meant being “at work” and “in it up to your neck-end”.

    There’s **still** an active community out there creating WAD files…

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