Death Road to Canada: Zombies, Mayhem, Fun, Jerks, & Arguing

Death Road to Canada
To… where?!

As the game’s synopsis states: “Control a car full of jerks as they explore cities, recruit weird people, rescue dogs, argue with each other, and face gigantic swarms of slow zombies.

Randomly generated for a new story and rare events every time you play!” This sums up Death Road to Canada pretty darned well, in a relentlessly silly, cartoon violent zombie romp which is a lot of fun.

Death Road to Canada

Video games are supposed to be fun, of course, but in an era of massive open world games, we still have plenty of room, and love, for blatantly madcap road trip action RPGs.

Made by Rocketcat Games and released last year, the plot is standard Zombie fair.

You begin your trip in Florida and have to flee, with a load of survivor jerks who spend most of their time arguing, to Canada, where there are no zombies.

Cue SNES era type graphics and it’s time for more indie game fun!

It’s safe to say the game is daft, well aware of it, and it’s bloody violent, but in a cartoony way which won’t terrify your kids. If you have any kids, of course, because there’s a zombie apocalypse on and not everyone has made it, you know!

There are a load of digital dogs in this game. You have to try and befriend them (which we’ve also been doing in Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild.

It’s been a very dog heavy start to our gaming year) and whatnot, and they’re much more reliable than your often deranged human survivors.

Indeed, they can wield guns and mow down the classically paced (i.e. slow) zombies.

There’s a heavy emphasis on psychology with your humans, who are stressed out of their minds due to the post-apocalyptic world and freaking out a lot.

Due to this, your characters spend a lot of their time arguing furiously, with not even the arrival of what looks like the car from Dumb and Dumber calming everyone down.

This is an RPG, however, with the chance to develop your stats, build your team out with useful survivors (you’ll get ones which are a liability more than anything else), and generally run and gun your way about the place.

It’s mad, it’s daft, it’s a lot of fun, and it’ll keep you occupied if you’ve completed Breath of the Wild, or you’ve just bought Mass Effect: Andromeda and you’ve realised you’ve been had.

Angry? Take the Death Road to Canada express and wipe out those bad guys!

I Want to Slay Zombies & Argue!

Good for you! Death Road to Canada is out now and is available on Steam, GOG, and you can get it on the iOS App Store as well.

A title like this would be bloody awesome on the Nintendo Switch, too, so fingers are crossed this will make the leap to that handheld majigger sometime soon.

Who can argue with a game which is essentially The Walking Dead meets South Park? Exactly. Enjoy!


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