Wuppo: Cutesy, Fun, and Surreal Indie Adventure


Sometimes on Steam you’ll see an indie game on sale going for a few quid. Wuppo was one such occasion.

You can get a pretty nasty backlog of games going this way (nasty in the sense you don’t have time to play them all!), but indie games are short and sweet and, well, Wuppo certainly is super cute. We had to give it a go!


The game is out on the PS4 and Xbox One and, yep, it’s a sweet-natured, funny, and cute little romping adventure where you, sort of, play an exiled wum (who looks like a reject from World of Goo and also one of the blobs you encounter in the caves of Stardew Valley).

The wum has to travel through a bizarre world in order to get back into his home.

The inexplicable opening of the game sets the tone. It’s safe to say this game is mental, which is fantabulous.

As a slightly overweight wum, you have a raging argument over the phone with your concierge in the lobby.

Upon visiting him, you request some ice cream and he insists you don’t spill any on your way back up to your room (apparently this is a bad habit of the wum).

Of course, as you make your way back up to bed, you get crap all over the place. The furious concierge boots you off your balcony and into a bizarre, but charming, animated world your pop.

There’s a similar opening in Secret of Mana where you get kicked out of your village (which we remember shocking us a great deal when we played it in 1994), but this game isn’t quite as fantastical.

Actually, it is, it’s just not as violent. Well, it is, but this is more cartoon violence.

Anyway, Dutch developer Knuist & Perzik is behind the game and it also has one of the best developer logos we’ve seen in a long while – take a look at it. NOW!

Knuist & Perzik

Cute, huh? Pretty apt, as this is one of the most ridiculous and cute games we’ve played in a good old while.

Nothing really makes any sense in Wuppo, the obstacles you come across are increasingly ridiculous, there’s a mild sense of peril and humourous animosity at every turn, and we had a great time playing it. Short, sweet, and lovely – super!

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