Goo-d Game, Goo-d Game: It’s World Of Goo!

World of Goo
Goo. Goooo!

We briefly covered World of Goo in a 2012 post on World of Goo. Holy cow! Thyme has since flown by. This doesn’t mean it’s aged. Snot at all! Quite the opposite. It’s an awesome little puzzle game first released on the Wii in 2008, but it’s since become perfectly adaptable to the demands of smartphones da world over.

Oh, and we apologise about the horrifying pun in the title. It’s an homage to Bruce Forsythe – you need to be British.

What you do in this game is manipulate, through gestures, the little blobs of goo all over your screen. You construct bridges to traverse weird environments, guiding the little gits towards salvation. As you progress, a really rather witty satire on capitalism and consumerism plays out in cut scenes, with everything made all surprisingly dramatic with a clever and brilliant soundtrack.

This is, definitely, one of the best puzzle games in recent memory. It’s addictive, gosh darned fun to play, adorable, and excellent. You can get it on pretty much anything these days so hunt it down – you’ll be able to pick it up for a small fee. Of about £3 or something. Christ, even a tramp could afford that!

Be warned, however, when you fail to get every goo through to the end of a level you will feel: guilt, horror, shame, more guilt, and a genuine sense of existential despair. Never fear: they don’t exist! Plus, if this track donut convince you then you’re possibly insane. Get it here on iOS, or here for whatever else.


    • It’s a most excellent game, please do give it a whirl! Crammed full of imagination and charm, it is. Gaming at its finest.

      Sounds good, Indie Games are the best thing in the industry right now (along with Nintendo’s output)! I’ll have a look later – one is busy right now! One is always keen to discover the latest Indie efforts. Aiiiiiiie.


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