PiAwk: Cute Bird Indie Romp With a Chirp in its Step (preview)


Okay, this is a preview or should that be… PiAwkview?! !PiAwk is set for release in 2020! But it’s cute looking, so we’re covering it now.

Although at first glance it looks like the thing exists thanks to Microsoft Paint, it’s much more than chirp. Er, that. It’s a fun little indie game about a bird exploring a land full of enigmatic beauty and enigmatic… enigmas. Tweet!


You star as PiAwk, who’s this wee bird. The beast is a bit shy and awkward, yet its natural curiosity also draws it out to explore the world around it.

Consequently, as the player you head out into a puzzle-solving world to complete basic tasks in what’s aimed at being a fun and charming experience.

For hardcore gamers this is not, obviously. As there’s a a lot of cute stuff going on in the title. Behold:

This is another one-man indie developer from Spain – HiWarp is his name. The title is set for release (probably on Steam) first next year.

The goal is to escape a ruined world that birdo is trapped in. But this is a non-violent experience entirely. Indeed, its creator suggets you “play like a bird”.

The themes at play here are a relaxing single-player experience with personal freedom at its heart. In fact, he aims the title at anyone who likes to o read, meditate, and has a penchant for nature. Indeed.

But puzzle solving does appear to be the main element of PiAwk. As you can see above, it’s quite simplistic stuff – but deliberately so. With changes in lighting to add a nice bit of mood elevation to the experience.

And we tried reaching out to its developer for a review copy/demo! If he responds, excellent. If not… well, we shall wait patiently for this thing to go digital.

Anyway, we thought we’d bring it to your attention and are looking forward to reviewing it next year. Bring it on!


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