Forgotton Anne: Charming & Fantastical Cinematic Adventure

Forgotton Anne
Did you forget something?

Forgotton Anne (that’s not a typo) is a brilliantly imaginative, Studio Ghibli-esque 2D platformer. It’s a truly magnificent thing, too, from Denmark’s ThroughLine Games. So before we forget it, let’s review it!

Forgotton Anne and the Marvel of Cinematic Puzzling

Industry legend Square Enix is responsible for the publication of this indie gem, leading some to think it’s that company’s handiwork.

But it isn’t, even if it’s reminiscent of some of Squaresoft’s RPGs of old.

The Danish studio behind the game was established in 2014 by CEO and creative director Alfred Nguyen, plus technical director Michael Godlowski-Maryniak.

A 2D platformer with a mighty focus on plot and characterisation, there are knowing nods to Studio Ghibli’s finest moments from the start.

The adventure-platformer takes place in the Forgotten Lands, which is a fantastical parallel world where all of life’s misplaced objects go.

Ever lost a pair of socks? You evil individual, they ended up all alone in this rainy world!

In the land, the objects come to life and pine over their former positions. We discovered a boot called Wade who rants wildly about his love for human feet.

Then we came across Tiphany, a clumsy lightshade, whilst the gruff, chain cigar smoking teddy bear Struct is also a funny delight.

The characterisation is just so bloody charming. Every individual Anne meets is endearing in some quirky way, packed full of character and personality ticks.

As Anne, you’re an Enforcer – it’s your job to maintain order in the Forgotten Lands.

It’s a tough role, but there are still moments for repose (the below section reminds us of a wonderful moment in Spirited Away).

But after a rebellion from some objects she and her master Bonku set out to try to return to the human world for good.

It’s an excellent concept and one that plays out like a fairy-tale. Plus the cinematic qualities are overt, with the beautiful artistic style complementing the sweeping orchestral soundtrack.

We keep banging on about it, but indie games really are the ones delivering the most creative gaming experiences these days.

And Forgotton Anne is no different. Critically acclaimed upon its release in 2018, it’s one of our favourite games we’ve played so far this year.

You can pick it up on Steam, the PS4, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox One.


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