Celeste: Chapter 9 Launches on Mental Health Masterpiece

Celeste DLC for chapter 9

Right, a quick note here that chapter 9 of indie game classic Celeste is out and about. It’s a free download if you own the title already. And if you don’t, it’s time to catch up with this fantastic thing.

Celeste: Chapter 9

Righto, to access the DLC from Canadian developer Matt Makes Games you’ll need to complete chapter 8 of the Celeste experience.

That’s no mean feat as it’s a bloody difficult game. But it’s so engaging and charming you’ll have to keep returning to it.

As we did on the arrival of the 100 new levels in chapter 9, replaying Celeste was a breath of fresh air.

It’s glorious—an audio and visual treat, but a captivating gameplay experience as well.

You star as Madeline, a young lady battling mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

She’s climbing Celeste Mountain, but on her first night camping her self-esteem issues manifest as Part Of Me—an antagonist physical embodiment of her anxiety.

As she climbs higher and battles her inner demons, Madeline passes through a transformative process of personal growth.

All to the sound of some proper belting tracks and a banging visual look.

If you’ve played Celeste before then you’ll know what chapter 9 has in store for you. If you haven’t, well… freak!

Or, well, lots of jumping. Lots and lots of deaths. You have to be good here, you can’t sleepwalk through the experience —but what we’ll state is this is a total classic right here.

The DLC is fantastic and thoughtful—very thorough. 100 extra levels! It’s more of the same but with added dynamics and extra oomph. Essential. It’s as simple as that.

Super Soundtrack

The sountrack from Lena Raine is a magical thing. Some bits of it are quite dreamy and remind us of the swoonsome nature of Super Mario Galaxy and its chilled moments.

However, Celeste is largely an exhilerating platformer and you’re required to get your jive on ASAP.

And there are some suitably pulse-pounding and enthralling musical asides to help you along there.

But the music is there to represent anxiety, which the protagonist Madeline is fighting to overcome (there’s a bit more on that further below).

There are elements of Vangelis’ work (think Blade Runner), but overall this is a unique and rather beautiful indie game soundtrack.

We feel it tempers the mood magnificently and gets you into the spirit of a personal revelation.

Video Games and Stress Relief

In our day job, we recently wrote a guest post for an education company. The woman asked our SEO exec to prep our writers (us) to do a mental health piece.

The first draft we wrote was a bit flat, so they asked us to oomph it up with things teenagers and whatnot would like.

So we wrote a section on video games and stress relief, citing various sources and highlighting Celeste as a perfect example of how games can alleviate mental health issues.

The woman furiously got back to us with the news video games are no good for mental health. She also accused us of promoting Celeste.

Well, stupid woman, you’re wrong. And you can see the above candid piece for examples why. Heck, it’s common knowledge at this point Tetris is brilliant for depression etc.

Cripes, the likes of Breath of the Wild and Ori and the Blind Forest (about to come out on the Nintendo Switch – huzzah!) for us were revelatory.

Although if you’re playing Call of Duty 70 hours a week, sure, that represents an addictive problem. Break it up, fool, with reading and trips outside to buy cake.

But as we like to think on this here Professional Moron, highlighting the many hugely imaginative, charming, and intellectually challenging games around indicates these things aren’t just for juvenile thickos and delinquents.

Video games are fabulous creations. The right title at the right time can change a person’s life – Celeste is one such masterpiece.

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