The Leo Strut: Revisiting This Great Thing

The Leo Strut
Strut it, man!

A blast from the past here. We’re covering Inception (2010) later this week. And then we went and remembered that Leonardo DiCaprio did this.

Leo Strut

Yeah, we’re all trendy today and commenting on a meme. That’s unusual for us, isn’t it? Oh well, don’t expect it to last.

Whilst filming for Inception, DiCaprio was snapped by a photography doing the above happy walk. And that amused a lot of people.

He does look exceedingly jolly in that picture. Like he’s content with it all on rambling on his super way.

We had a good think about why he’s possibly so happy there. And we came up with the following ideas:

  • He’s on drugs.
  • He was just in a good mood.
  • That’s actually his angry face.
  • He’s being controlled by aliens via mind manipulation.
  • He’s rejoicing about himself being a good looking movie star.
  • He was acting (because that’s his job).

Whatever he was doing, this thing quickly became a bit of a sensation. And internet people began making compilation videos to ramp up the enjoyment factor.

Inception was also responsible for the hit “braaam” noise that almost every other trailer ever now has to use under international law. This thing.

So, yes, one movie and we get the Leo strut and some weird noise to give marketers an easier time of things. That’s a cultural phenomenon right there.

And as with Arnold noises, we think Leo’s strut will remain legendary for many decades to come. We hope he reenacts it as often as possible.

The Leo Strut Movie

A decade on, we think this thing deserves its own feature length film. Why not? We’d certainly pay to see it.

The film would star Leonardo DiCaprio strutting across America. For three hours. Just him walking away. He’d cough every now and then—or sneeze. So it’d go:

  • 30 minutes in with DiCaprio strutting along not saying anything.
  • 35 minutes in and he sneezes.
  • 40 minutes and he picks his nose.
  • 50 minutes and he treads in a dog turd.

On a budget of a mere $40 million, we think that could be a real sleeper hit. And serve to bring the Leo strut back to everyone’s attention again. Yes? Yes.

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