Mario Kart Tour: Karting Fun On Your Smartphone

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo’s foray into smartphone games continues with this thing. Its launch was during the week. We downloaded it (for free) on our iPhone. So, is this installment of the beloved series any good?

Mario Kart Tour

With the reputation the Mario Kart series has you expect a lot from this thing. It defines what video games are all about. Fun.

However, don’t go into this expecting genius. Nintendo’s efforts on iPhone are entertaining (such as Super Mario Run), but nowhere near as consistently outstanding as the output on its games consoles.

Make no mistake, this game isn’t remotely on the level of Mario Kart 8: Deluxe Edition on the Nintendo Switch. That game is genius.

Mario Kart Tour is totally different. Naturally, the restrictions of touchscreen smartphones mean it’ll only ever have major restrictions.

As such, the acceleration is done for you. The player’s task is to steer your character through the courses, powersliding and whatnot.

It takes a surprising amount of skill. But it’s accessible and engaging enough for all ages.

However, reviews… are decidedly middling. Reputable publication Destructoid hammered it one with a 4.5/10.

There’s also a monthly $5 charge for the Gold Pass that opens up new features. As the game is free, that’s how Nintendo expects to make money from Tour.

And the game does turn into a bit of a strange collectathon. But other reviewers, ourselves included, found it all decent enough entertainment.

It has a multiplayer mode in the works, which should help. Otherwise it’s there on your phone for a karting laugh. It’s out now on Android and iOS if you fancy giving it a whirl.

But if you want the proper Mario Kart experience get a Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 8.

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