Lonely Mountains: Downhill—Relaxing & Violent Biking Fun

Lonely Mountains: Downhill
Glorious loneliness!

Here’s a fantastic indie gem from Berlin of Germany’s Megagon Industries. It’s a relaxing cycling gem, which also has an insanely violent edge.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Featuring a beautifully minimalistic low-poly style of graphics, here’s a title that positively revels in the knowledge it’s a video game.

There are deliberate pointy polygon edges and a cut back look—it really complements the addictive, challenging gameplay.

This visual style is also in use across the likes of The Touryst and the Link’s Awakening remake. A tilt-shift effect to exaggerate the camera’s perspective.

As for gameplay, your objective is to be as quick as possible down a big old mountain.

It’s just you against the clock, with the added task of not crashing along the way. Get ready to crash a lot, as you have to take some insane risks to meet certain time limits.

This is where Lonely Mountains excels. It’s pretty nervewracking, like a rally game! Colin McRae 2.0 springs to mind.

As you progress, you can unlock more items for your bike—Road Rash style, but without the weapons.

This makes taking on the tougher stages easier. But this is no countryside jaunt, it’s a tough game.

Immediately accessible, but the challenge soon ramps up. It’s perfectly judged.

You have to push the limits, test your nerve, skill, and grimace as your hapless character shatters yet more limbs.

You’ll have many accidents, but the game lets you instantly start again from the previous checkpoint.

Now here’s where the interesting thing about Lonely Mountains kicks in.

It’s a relaxing game, for sure. Birds tweeting away, the sound of waterfalls, frogs ribbiting, the rustle of trees in the wind.

And you’ll hear a lot of those pleasant sounds in the stony silence following a bone shattering accident.

Such as this one from us in the below clip, which is on our YouTube channel. We recently created that after getting an Xbox One S. Hurray!

Such accidents are common. And range from grimacing anguish to laugh out loud funny.

And this bizarre blend works rather well, as the title doesn’t take itself seriously. It knows it’s a video game and goes out to deliver a fun experience.

It delivers big time. It launched in October 2019 and is now available on pretty much everything. And we highly recommend it.

Seriously, there are a lot of indie games coming out all the time every day.

And Lonely Mountains: Downhill stands out. It’s a little bit crazy, rather relaxing, makes us laugh, and challenges us so. Brilliant.


    • It’s great fun, very intensive and made for short bursts of play.

      Northgard tempted me a while back, I went for Frostpunk instead. Way too many games! And not enough time, sadly.


  1. I think the graphical style is perfect for this type of game, and the camera is pulled back juuust enough so that you need a good reaction time, but it isn’t unreasonable. Somehow they also nailed the feel of cornering. I’m having a blast with this title – it’s so addicting!

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