Rain On Your Parade: Become an Irritation in Jerk Cloud Game

Rain On Your Parade the indie game

Ever since Untitled Goose Game (2019), games about being a casual jerk have become increasingly popular.

Rain On Your Parade is the latest example, it’s from Unbound Creations. Players star as a cardboard cloud cut-out who’s a total jerk.

Ruin Everyone’s Day in Rain On Your Parade

Polish game designer Jakub “Koobazaur” Kasztalski is responsible for the title, although he’s based in Seattle.

The aim of the game is to ruin everybody’s day! You take control of a little jerk of a cloud and fly over things, raining on everyone you come across.

So, you can destroy weddings and ruin classroom learning at school etc.

As the cloud, you have a limited amount of rain you can rain away. Although you can top up over certain areas.

Plus, there are a set list of tasks to complete over the course of a level. This means there’s a bit of water management going on there.

Rain On Your Parade has a vibrant and twee appearance, with voxel-like graphics that remind us of The Touryst (2019).

It also has a Yoshi’s Story (1997) type playbook feel with the way the game unfolds. Just it plays out with a casual menace.

Now, we did enjoy the game. But we also found it a little too smug with its *tee-hee* naughty troublemaking self-awareness.

Since the remarkable success of Untitled Goose Game, it’s no surprise other indie devs are taking a spin on the concept.

And that’s fine, we guess. Rain On Your Parade does have a pretty unique concept, even if it’s obviously inspired from one of the most famous indie game successes.

But, yes, going into each level and raining on people (who then run around looking a bit upset) is good fun. If sometimes repetitive.

The levels do develop in a way to add consistent variety, which we think is a notable effort. Plus, the title’s shortness keeps its concept fresh rather than boring.

For example, you eventually mix it up dolloping snow and lightning on poor, unsuspecting members of the public.

Rain On Your Parade has been pretty well received by critics. But also very well received by gamers. Just check out the Steam reviews! Glowing.

Nintendo Life handed it 6/10 and that annoyed a few readers, suggesting in the comments section it should have a much higher rating. Meanwhile, Destructoid handed over 7.5/10.

All we can add is if you like the look of it, then give the bloody thing a whirl. It’s free on Xbox Games Pass right now.

We had fun with it. But it’s not something we’ll rush back now the initial glory of its drenching mechanic has worn off.

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