Valley Peaks: Cute FPS Mountaineering Thing With Frogs

Valley Peaks the indie game

Here’s a super relaxing and fun FPS along the lines of A Short Hike (2019), but with bigger mountains and more frogs. What’s not to love?

Valley Peaks (the indie game)

This is from Scottish indie team Tub Club, which is based in Glasgow. It appears to be a two-man team (Tom and Jack) of recent uni graduates working on their first project.

And, well, they’ve really delivered a mini gem of a game here. And Valley Peaks has rightfully received a bunch of attention since it launched last week.

Its cute little indie game demands that you scale six different mountains in the area called Valley Peaks.

Your mission is to place radios across each mountain to provide signs for nearby locals.

It’s then your job to go Free Solo on the mountains, which immediately leads to some pretty gosh darned impressive scaling and heights going on.

Add into the mix a lot of collectables. There are some 100 golden mushrooms to find, for example, and 18 different climbing routes to explore.

There are also a lot of frogs, which is always welcome. Who can argue with frogs? No on, that’s who.

Valley Peaks also looks lovely with its charming aesthetic, which is complemented by a fine soundtrack. And it’s these two areas that really make the game what it is—a chillaxed affair of the highest magnitude.

As it’s all about the inspiring views and relaxing atmosphere.

We think of the excellent Boomerang X recently and that has  a similar climbing/scaling mechanic going on. But that’s all about frantic, high octane ninja death.

Whereas Valley Peaks is about taking your time, relaxing, basking in the glory of the views, and enjoy the intuitive climbing mechanics.

The game is a total steal on Itchio. You can pay as much as you like to own it. So, yes, free if you want to enjoy it.

It’s certainly quite a brief experience, but it leaves and lasting mark and will put a big old relaxed grin on your face. Highly recommended!

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