The Last Campfire: Brooding Cutesy Puzzler is Goodness

The Last Campfire
Cheer up! It’s a good game!

Here’s a cute looking puzzle game from 2020, but one featuring deep and brooding themes under the surface. It’s rather like the charming Elli… but with an existential soul!

The Last Campfire

This title is from Hello Games, which is an indie studio based in Guildford (just south of London). They’re famous for the rather controversial No Man’s Sky.

However, whilst that game has split opinion with its various issues, The Last Campfire is a glorious little thing and all rather lovely.

Conversely to No Man’s Sky (an epic tale with ambitions of no end), this romp is much shorter and to the point.

It’s a puzzle platformer which requires you to take control of a soul called Ember.

This individual must solve puzzles to help other souls (a few nods to Spiritfarer here, possibly) and save the Forlorn region. Behold!

So, yeah, you unlock new areas, progress, revel in the pretty graphics, and enjoy a pretty chilled out experience.

The Last Campfire sure is minimalistic in its efforts, unlike Hello Games’ first title. It’s rather pleasing to amble through it as a result.

It’s one of those relaxing games, you know? Kind of like a Hoa, but without the Studio Ghibli nods and all that.

As you might expect, the title was inspired by folk tales and that sort of jazz. It had a real storybook quality to proceedings.

It’ll like make you swoon and appreciate its simple joys. One to marvel for its looks, accessibility, and soundtrack of gentle charms.

So, yeah, not exactly as insanely violent as DOOM Eternal. But they don’t always have to be like that now, do they?

You can pick The Last Campfire up on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS, or Steam etc. Why not just do that, eh? Eh?!


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