Sable: Peaceful Open World Exploration Romp With Sand

Sable the indie game
It’s stable.

Sable is an interesting little open world adventure from Shedworks, an indie studio in London, launched in late September 2021.

It’s all about easy going exploration, with a focus on completing missions or just cruising across a dessert on a hoverbike. Nice!

Sable the Exploration Open World Game

Sable takes its influences from Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild, which isn’t a bad route to take at all. Considering many people think that’s the best game ever.

The opening sections are so clearly inspired by the 2017 classic, but the title does quickly try to stamp its individuality on proceedings.

It is, at heart, something of a relaxing title. You’re tempted to go off and complete basic missions from the off, but you’re perfectly free to just tour around in the dessert enjoying yourself.

These sections remind us of Star Wars.

Although the plot is totally different. You take control of the young girl Sable as she goes through a rites of passage type of journey.

There’s no combat in the game. Just exploration. And there are some basic puzzles to solve on the way.

Sable is heavily based in tranquillity and relaxation. It reminds us of Journey in some respects—just explore and enjoy the sights.

For the initial version of Sable we played, it did seem to struggle with framerate issues.

We’re really not graphics snobs bothered about such issues, but in this instance it was a bit jarring. Although we half consider it part of the game’s distinctive graphical style.

Away from that, the game is rather nice to look at.

The soundtrack by Michelle Zauner is relaxing. And the whole point of Sable is to get out there and explore the sandy environment and revel in the solitude.

If that type of thing seems like a good idea to you, then you’ll enjoy this short title aimed at introspective gamers.

It’s also quite a short open world game, although there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s kind of what attracts us to indie games.

But the game can be quite cumbersome with its control system. And a bit unclear in its direction.

It’ll appeal to a certain type of gamer, though, and for what it is we thought it was a pretty charming break from the chaotic grind of life.

Sable is out right now on PC, Xbox, Commodore 64, and Nintendo 64. Although there are a couple of lies in the sentence behind this one.

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