Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is Ape-Based Endless Runner Magic

Gibbon Beyond the Trees

Endless runners like The Alto Collection and the glorious Runner2 are some of the best indie games out there.

Enter the fray Gibbon: Beyond the Trees! From indie dev Broken Rules in Vienna, it launched in 2022 and is a vibrant little number with an important message behind it. Let’s do this, dammit!

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is a Heartfelt and Colourful Romp

You can pick this up on iOS, Steam,, and Nintendo Switch.

It’s a heartfelt ecological game that requires precise timing so you can launch your gibbon in amongst the trees.

The idea is to swing, slide, and somersault (brachiation, as the term goes) through the lush hand-painted environments. All whilst you uncover the story of a lost gibbon searching for home.

That’s set to the backdrop of deforestation and carnage, making its message about the destructive nature of humans rather clear.

You know, why have something pretty when you can bulldoze it down in the name of making someone slightly richer? That kind of thing.

Anyway, it’s a pick-up-and-play kind of game. You just launch yourself in there and pick up the ropes as you go along.

It’s about timing. Get your swings in properly, launch up those trees, and swoop about the place like you’re bloody Tarzan and all that.

Yeah! So, there’s plenty of amazeballs atmospherics in Gibbon: Beyond the Trees. Look at the lush looks and glorious sunsets!

It’s intended for a mix of relaxation and educational purposes, it’s not about “gitting gud” and all that elitist gamer nonsense.

Beyond the Trees is for everyone.

Never played a video game before? Get it on your phone and you’ll have the swing of things nailed down in minutes.

Just come off 300+ hours on Elden Rings and fancy a goddamn break from it all? This one is for you, too!

The game may be super short, but it packs in a lot of fast-paced action with its heartfelt story about encroaching environmental destruction.

As you progress through brief chapter segments in the game, the extent of environmental damage continues to show in the world around you. It’s simplistic storytelling, largely managed visually, but it’s actually quite effective how it’s done.

Beyond the Trees has met with strong reviews, with only slight criticisms due to its one hour play time.

Otherwise, it looks fabulous and is most excellent to just stare at. The colours!

Plus, the soundtrack is very nice at times. It reminds us a bit of Christophe Héral’s magnificent Rayman Origins soundtrack.

Also, the sound effects are great—gibbons make some amazing, almost alien noises.

As they whoop and hoot and make other astonishing sounds it adds to your appreciation of these lively animals. Have a listen!

We spoke to our local gibbon about Beyond the Trees to see what she thought of it. This is what she whooped in response.


Thanks kindly to Gina the Gibbon for those insightful noises.

She’s also threatened to steal your bananas if you don’t buy the game. Do so, then! And forever hold your peace.

Dispense with some gibberish!

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