The Alto Collection: Addictive Endless Runner With Llamas

The Alto Collection

Our favourite mobile games of all time are now available on consoles! The Nintendo Switch release was last week and this collection is quite something.

The Alto Collection

The games came about from a collaboration between Team Alto (a team of remote workers mainly based in the UK) and Toronto’s Snowman studio.

And the collection combines two mobile classics into one set.

Alto’s Adventure was the first mobile game we ever played, having got our first iPhone in 2015. The sequel, Alto’s Odyssey, launched in 2018. Both are excellent.

They’re endless runner snowboarding games, where your character (Alto) automatically snowboards to the right. Your task is to, with basic commands, guide him across his adventure.

And that adventure is down a massive mountain in the first game. You have set goals to complete, which you can gradually work through at a steady pace.

Or just aim for a new distance record (where you just blast as far down the mountain as possible).

But this is more about a casual gaming experience. You can ignore all objectives and just indulge in Zen mode, where you slide down the mountain listening to the game’s excellent soundtrack.

Although you can get high scores and level your character up, the Alto series is all about the serene and inspiring.

They’re very relaxing games—beautiful to look at and listen to, plus great fun on the gameplay side. We mean, look at this thing in action!

Out of the two, Alto’s Odyssey is the more challenging game. So if you’re a gamer keen on getting the biggest gameplay fix, it’s probably best to start there.

But there’s something about the cut back minimalism of Alto’s Adventure, plus its beautiful woodland setting (the sequel is set in the desert) that does it for us.

Perhaps also because it was our first mobile game experience (and such a delightful one). It takes us back to 2015 and we remember how addicted we were to it.

Either way, given the bargain price for this collection (£5 on sale for us, £7 the rest of the time) you really shouldn’t miss out on either title.

Get the collection. Or buy Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey for your phone. And you Switch. And whatever else! Highly recommended.

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