Metal: Hellsinger—Headbang to This Rhythm FPS, Dude!

Metal Hellsinger the indie game

Okay, this crazy SOB is a mixture of DOOM: Eternal’s relentless FPS intensity meets the rhythm-based joys of indie classic Runner2.

And all to the sound of some serious heavy metal!

Metal: Hellsinger is from Swedish indie team The Outsiders who are based in Stockholm. It’s the studio’s first game. And it’s a total headbanger.

Metal: Hellsinger With Some Comfy Slippers and a Cup of Tea

Metal: Hellsinger launched in September 2022. In a crowded first-person shooter market often derivative to all Hell (indeed), this one aims to be different.

It is a standard FPS, yes, and one that borrows heavily from the recent rebooted DOOM franchise by Bethesda.

But there are unique rhythm game elements here.

Metal: Hellsinger encourages gamers to synchronise their shooting to the sound of the pelting heavy metal beats. If you time your shots with “the beat”, you deal more damage.

We can’t say the rhythm element is implemented to outstanding perfection. If you want to go about gunning everything down in sight, you’re not really going to be punished for that.

But if you do take the rhythm elements seriously, it’ll make your progress through the title much easier. As this is one tricky SOB, no doubts!

Violent, eh? Well, yes, there’s plenty of that going on.

As for the plot, you take control of a lost soul called The Unknown as she seeks to regain her lost voice.

To do this she (as in, you) must battle many, many demons until she reaches the ruler of all Hell. Accompanying her is Paz, a talking skull who also provides sardonic narration (but is absolutely no match for Murray the Skull).

Yes, then, this thing is available on Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Whilst we enjoyed the frantic action, we can’t say it’s anything other than a pretty standard FPS as part of an already oversaturated genre.

That rhythm element does add something a bit new, yes.

But as we’ve mentioned… it’s not really that big a part of the game. After a brief tutorial (and it is very brief), you can largely ignore keeping time and get as trigger happy as you like. So the gimmick seems to be there to ensure Metal: Hellsinger isn’t just yet another Hell-based Doom clone.

Plus, the game is also rather short. Given the asking price (although it’s also on XBox Game Pass), it’s a bit on the steep side for something so slight.

And yet… it’s violent. It’s brutal. It tries something a little different.

Although not 100% triumphant with its efforts, we feel it’ll keep many a gamer happy despite its shortcomings. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. And that pays off with much gun slinging fun and games.

If you love your heavy metal, then Metal: Hellsinger is custom made for you. It’s a love letter to headbanging.


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