Cult of the Lamb: There’s Always Time to Start a Cult, Dammit!

Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb is YOUR chance to start a cult. Finally, right!? Bet you’ve all wanted to try that out at least once during your lifetime. Now is the time!

And it’s courtesy of Massive Monster, an indie studio with offices in Australia and the UK. Ready to warp people’s minds? Here we go, then.

Brainwash Cute Animals in Cult of the Lamb

The plot to Cult of the Lamb is standard enough. You take control of a lamb set for a ritual sacrifice, but the devil saves you in return for a new career in cult management. You must:

  1. Start your cult.
  2. Grow your flock.
  3. Cleanse the land of non-believers.

And that means going on a cutesy crusade or two, during which time you gather resources and wealth. All of which you can use to grow your cult.

It’s an odd one, as Cult of the Lamb is complex in its finer details… yet kind of straightforward with its overall structure.

The complex stuff includes handy instructions throughout the introduction to the game. It all helps you know what to do when establishing your community—as this narrated fact trailer shows (and all that).

As for the gameplay, it’s the usual cult stuff:

  • Indoctrinate your animal-based followers.
  • Brainwash them with daily sermons.
  • Get them to mindlessly worship you.
  • Build out your community with fancy new stuff.

Yeah, so it turns out being a cult leader is hard work. We were busy looking after our loyal maniacs, brainwashing them and everything, when we fed Henry some bad food.

He keeled over dead. Thusly, we harvested his meat for the cause and lost 20 in faith from the appalled follower onlookers! Later, we sacrificed a follower (appalling our followers further), but we also built some nice tents for everywhere to sleep in. So, there’s that. They were pleased about that bit.

It’s all part and parcel of being a cult leader. That includes clearing away your followers’ various bouts of poo and vomit. When not doing that, you head out into the gaming map world on crusades to wipe out baddies and gain swag.

More narrated hoo-hahs. This’ll help you get an understanding, but it’s a really a game where checking a quick beginner’s guide before you start is the best bet.

As a gaming experience, Cult of the Lamb is a sort of mishmash of Stardew Valley city building meets roguelike games such as Enter the Gungeon. It’s an interesting combo and one that’s gained Cult of the Lamb a lot of love.

Gamers love it, plus there’s plenty of critical acclaim! It’s well received.

For us, we delighted in the city building elements. And the attention to detail when growing out your cult, as there’s a lot to master here.

However, the battle sections of the game do let it down a bit. There’s nothing overly appealing going on and it soon gets repetitive. We do believe Massive Monster is providing free DLC soon, which is designed to make the combat system more entertaining. That’ll help things a chunk!

But yeah, a few issues aside we think Cult of the Lamb is a charming, cute, inventive, and mildly disturbing experience. It was one of the indie game darlings of 2022 and, having now played it, we can see why.

You can get the SOB on Steam PS4/5, Switch, and Xbox One. All hail to it! All hail.

Cult of the Lamb’s Glorious Soundtrack

Cult of the Lamb’s excellent soundtrack is from Melbourne-based composer River Boy (aka Narayana Johnson). And it’s a great piece of work.

Bits of the soundtrack had us thinking of some song we remembered from 20 years ago.

After digging around a bit, this turned out to be the song They by Welsh singer Jem. It launched in February 2004 and was all over the place when we were at university in Nottingham.

Anyway, River Boy’s work across Cult of the Lamb has a melodic, playful, mischievous air about it. There are curious noises, catchy hooks, and nonsensical choral sections.

We don’t know why, but this soundtrack had us thinking about hit singles from the past. Faith Up below is another one.

We think it’s Aussie-New Zealand Band Crowded House with Don’t Dream It’s Over… maybe. We’re possibly losing our minds after all this cult leading stuff.

It complements the whole experience very well. And now, if you don’t mind, we’re going to go and continue playing this thing.

We’ve got a cult to build, dammit!


  1. The art and idea behind this game appeal to me quite a bit, but I am always reluctant to buy it because of the rogue aspect. Roguelikes are just not my thing. Maybe one day I will get to it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re like me, I was always wary of roguelikes. But they’ve grown on me a bit more recently… however, Cult of the Lamb’s battle bits are rather tedious. Maybe that DLC will improve it. But the city building stuff is good fun, for sure. Just a bit of a mixed bag right now.

      There’s a TV show on the way about the game, too, I believe. Fun!

      Liked by 1 person

        • I wouldn’t put it #1 on your list, it got a lot of fuss in the gaming press but it’s not above many other titles. Like Dome Keeper, that’s really good. Runner2 I’ve been back on again and I’m head over heels, once more.

          Liked by 1 person

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