In Praise Of Prof Brian Cox’s Hairdo

Prof Brian Cox and his hair
Prof Brian Cox (on the right) on Easter Island staring at stuff.

Science, eh? It’s all around us all the time doing science stuff, such as like when you breathe, when you blow your nose, and when you boil a kettle for your tea.

And like The Beatles’ beards, this type of hairy stuff really needs a post to celebrate Dr. Cox, his hair, and all of that type of jazz.

Not that this needs to make any sense, of course! It’ll just balance out the universe in a way even Carlo Rovelli’s Seven Brief Lessons on Physics couldn’t! And that’s a fact (maybe)!

Brian Cox and His Hair

NOTE! The below clip does work when you click on it. But the SILLY THING doesn't have an image thing on it. The blasted fool!

Watch the clip with halfwits Philomena Cunk and Barry Shitpeas (of Charlie Brooker fame) to guide you through the mayhem. All hair, the hail Prof!

Because boiling a kettle (which is known as photosynthesis) is a complex process which was made possible thanks to Dr. Brian Cox’s hair.

The Mancunian’s renowned rock star locks are said to have the combined power of 30 nuclear warheads, which is pretty impressive.

Thanks to this, modern kettles can boil it up a notch in a way older kettles simply couldn’t do. Thanks, Brian!

The amazing thing about Prof Brian Cox isn’t how he sounds like a moron but actually isn’t (the strong Northern accent belies a strong intellectual drive, yo), it’s his hair.

Now the weird thing is he did have a music career of sorts as a keyboard player in D:Ream (dream – do you see?) and we’re sure the hair helped him along there.

Now he’s no longer a Rock God. However, he’s been left to make science cool. His hair helps there, as does his whimsical prolixity.

We mean, look at the stuff! LOOK AT IT! Long, flowing, luxurious, and nary a hint of male pattern balding. That. That is a hairdo!

He often rants on in a vaguely profound manner, which has immense credibility added through virtue of his ace hairdo.

If you can think back 20 years to when Friends was starting out, Jennifer Aniston sent shockwaves through the hairdo world with her hair.

She’s since revealed she didn’t like the cut, but you can guarantee this isn’t the case with Prof Brian Cox. The Prof loves his hair, and we all love it too.

Not wishing to overstate things, but we think his hair has had the same cultural impact as The Rachel. Full credit to the guy.

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